The Best Berry Smoothie

Follow my blog with Bloglovin You might remember a while back, quite a while back, I wrote a post featuring my Berry Smoothie Recipe. I’ve been making the smoothie on a regular basis since then and the other day, I realised that I’ve changed a lot. I wrote that post nearly three years ago wow and since […]

Food I Want To Make

With the end of the school year and exams (which, yes, it was a while ago- I’m just getting around to this now!) something I always like to get back into is cooking and baking. For the entire year (only a very slight exaggeration), I’ve been eating the same old salad which I’ve written a post […]

2016: The Sum Up

I really have no clue where to go with this post but with a mere day and a bit left of 2016, it only seems fitting that I write some sort of reflection on the year. In a desperate attempt to make this post more interesting however, I’ve decided to put some of my favourite […]